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Národní obrany 45
160 00 Prague 6
Phone: +420 220 515 541
Fax: +420 220 517 014
Internet: Alchimica
Company profile:

ALCHIMICA is a supplier of various chemicals for industrial use, as well as for companies and laboratories involved in the research and development of new products. The chemicals that ALCHIMICA provides range from basic raw materials to organic intermediates and chemicals for special use according to the individual requirements of customers.

ALCHIMICA is constantly expanding the areas from which it attains its supplies. Currently its sources include companies from numerous countries in the European Union, Slovakia, Russia, South Africa, India, China, the United States, Singapore, and others throughout the world. Its membership in INDIS Associates Worldwide a large international trading group with members from over thirty countries, gives ALCHIMICA even greater opportunities to locate products and serve customers from all corners of the world.
ALCHIMICA is not orientated to the domestic market only. It is currently exporting products of Czech manufacturers to customers in Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Yugoslavia, U.S.A., Lithuania, Spain and others.