OQEMA_logo name high old Adresa: Těšínská 222, 739 34 Šenov, Czech Republic
Telefon: +420 597 485 910
Fax: +420 596 831 102
E-mail: oqema@oqema.cz
Internet: www.oqema.cz
Company profile:

OQEMA, s.r.o. has been established in 1992 (as EURO – Šarm spol. s r.o.). OQEMA, s.r.o. is a distributor of chemicals for needs of Czech industrial producers. Its mission is to provide clients with flexible chemicals deliveries, which safe their costs and minimalize their stocks. Assortment include inorganic alkalies and acids and its salts, phosphates, organic acids, organic solvents, spirits, dispersions, detergents etc. EUROŠarm provide the deliveries from 25kg bag, keg up to railtank.

OQEMA, s.r.o.. is also producer of three products – Persteril, Hydrogen Peroxide and Acetic Acid in different purity and concentration. The production is located in Sokolov plant.

OQEMA, s.r.o. is the member of OQEMA AG Group.

Company is running four warehouse facilities ( Plzen, Slatinany, Brno and Senov) for handling, repacking and storing of liquid and solid chemicals.

The company strategy is focused on industrial branches:

  • paints and coatings processing
  • glass and ceramics processing
  • pulp and paper processing
  • textile industry
  • food and beverages processing
  • household chemistry and detergents processing
  • plastics and rubbers processing
  • farmaceuticals processing
  • water treatment
  • metal treatment
  • machinery