Adresa: Kuta Centrum, Zelený pruh 95/97, 14000 Praha 4, Česká republika
Telefon: +420 227 027 660
Fax: +420 227 230 616
E-mail: info@faravelli.cz
Internet: www.faravelli.it/cz
Company profile:

Faravelli s.r.o. based in Praha has the activity on the Czech and Slovak market since 2005. Similarly as the mother company Giusto Faravelli SpA based in Milan and which has a long-time tradition it makes an offer of wide assortment products for food industry, pharma industry, cosmetics, machinery and chemical industry.
With regard to dynamic staff and good logistics the company Faravelli distributes products in perfect quality and according the customer needs, With the high level of technologies it provides technical support in many branches of industry. Faravelli s.r.o. delivers raw materials to many branches:

  • For food industry-Aminoacids, antioxidants, preservations, minerals and microelements, proteins, pulps, acidity regulators, herbal extracts, sweeteners, stabilizers, thickeners, vitamins, natural and synthetic dyestuffs, flavourings.
  • For cosmetics and cleaning agents: Special surface-active agents, solvents, perfumes, flavourings, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, natural and synthetic dyestuffs, UV filters, antioxidants.
  • For galvanic industry: Salts, anodas, acids, lyes, pools for surface treatments, grease extraction, chemical and electrogalvanizing passivation of metal surface, phosphate coating, chromate surface coating, polishing, elimination of coating, conservation, treatment of waste waters.
  • Raw materials for paint and varnishes, ceramics, treatment of waste waters, building materials,
  • chemical synthesis.
  • Special chemicals:
  • Iodine and its compounds