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Company profile:

The company Ravago Chemicals Czech Republic s.r.o. was established in Czech Republic in 2012 as a subsidiary of Ravago Chemicals SA, Luxembourg, which is part of the Ravago Group. Operational headquarter of Ravago Group in based in Belgium.
The company Ravago Chemicals distributes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia special and commodity chemicals. Ravago Group companies act as a worldwide processor and distributor of standard and engineering plastics and as a chemical distributor. In the field of processing and distribution of plastics and elastomers Ravago Group belongs to the leading distributors worldwide.

Ravago Chemicals is active in following segments:
• Coatings, Construction, Adhesives – raw materials for coatings and adhesives and building materials
• Performance Chemicals – raw materials for production of detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics and processing chemicals (paper, water treatment)
• PU / Polymers – systems for production of polyurethanes, additives for plastics and elastomers
• Life Science – feed additives, food and raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry

Ravago Chemicals Czech Republic s.r.o. stores products for distribution in 3 warehouses located in Prague and Brno.